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If you wish to become a member of Bike Liverpool please download and complete the Membership Application Form.

Membership fees can be transfered to our bank account


4 thoughts on “Join us

    • Hi Nadine. That’s something we haven’t been asked before! I think there would be some rides that wouldn’t be suitable – some roads we use have a pretty rough surface and there’s no footpath. But rides where we follow a shared path would probably be OK. What sort of speed can you maintain? And over what distance can you maintain that speed? Elaena

  1. How much is the annual membership to join your group?

    What average speed do you maintain?

    Thinking of joining my family and sister in law.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Miko, The yearly membership is $10 for single rider or $20 for a family. You don’t have to pay to ride with us, if you like the LiveBUG after a few rides then you can join up then. There is no rigid process here. The average speed would be between 15 to 18 Km per hour, we only ride as fast as the slowest rider and we tend to re group/stop for a rest if the last riders are having trouble with the pace. We ride a variety of bikes from sit up ladies bikes, mountain bikes usually with slick tyres, hybrids bikes to road bikes.

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